In November 2019, SOLIDAR Foundation has joined the a project coordinated by the University of Perugia titled Algorithm for New Approaches to Inclusion, in short ECO-IN. The project is intended to finalise in October 2022, and it employs a whole-school approach in bringing together all education stakeholders to concretely act as a team in combating segregation and radicalization while enabling more qualitative and quantitative measures to implement, monitor and assess inclusiveness at school. Members of SOLIDAR Foundation have been facilitating the societal inclusion of the most disadvantaged members of society via non-formal and informal education, making this an essential theme for us as an organization. The importance of setting up synergies among all education stakeholders, and ensuring an inclusive approach to lifelong and lifewide training cannot be sufficiently stressed when considering how to boost the meaningful participation of people in society.

SOLIDAR Foundation is proud to be a project partner in this very timely endeavor. Later this autumn, we will implement a survey designed by researchers at the University of Perugia to various education actors from the EU level to evaluate the needs regarding inclusion in schools. This needs analysis will be further explored via focus groups, that SOLIDAR Foundation will implement with EU-level policy experts coming from a multitude of organisations representing education stakeholders across Europe. The expected outcome is a qualitative perspective over needs related to inclusion which will feed into the project’s goal of developing European indicators for an inclusive policy assessment.

To find out more, stayed tuned to our project website as we updated you along this journey to make inclusion a reality in primary and lower secondary schools across Europe.