Trust Center session in Spain: How to communicate satisfactorily with stakeholders?

On January 12, a session of the Prosocial Trust Center was held at the Lliçà de Vall Town. The meeting is framed with the community initiative called EDE (Educational Debate Space).
The EDEs are spaces for dialogue in the territories around educational issues.

Community stakeholders (politicians, families, specialists, and teachers) actively participate.

The January meeting offered by the ECO-IN project focused on prosocial communication. The title of the presentation was: “How we can communicate satisfactorily” and was given by Dr. Robert Roche Olivar, director of LIPA NET and collaborator of MIRADA LOCAL, a project partner.
The event was a space for application dialogue on communication and how to improve the quality of the communicative style to generate spaces for satisfactory, intelligent, and horizontal dialogue.