On Monday, March 27th and Friday, March 30th, the first two online training sessions aimed at understanding and setting up a Prosocial Trust Center were held for two Italian experimental schools, one in the Umbria region and the other in the Marche region.

Professor Robert Roche of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) conducted the two sessions, which lasted 3 hours each and shared its knowledge with 30 participants, from school heads, to teachers, to parents and policy makers.

The participants also worked in pairs on a very important, preliminary exercise on the first session and again on the second, in order to further reflect on Prof. Roche’s interventions, suggestions and recommendations.

Both training days were met with great participation and enthusiasm and the overall climate was relaxed, engaged and welcoming.

All participants had many chances to share their thoughts and ideas with each other and with Prof. Roche and this helped even more understanding the foundation of prosociality and working together as a team towards a very important and specific goal such as radical inclusion.

A third and final session will be held on April 28th