Training on ECO-IN Inclusion in Barcelona

The schools that are part of the ECO-IN experimental group had the first part of their ECO-IN inclusion training on January 28 in the meeting room of the Hotel Front MarĂ­tim in Barcelona.
Directors of educational centers, family representatives, educators, and also some political representatives from different schools and institutes in the Catalan territory had 5 hours of face-to-face training by Dr. Robert Roche and Dr. Mayka Cirera (Mirada Local-Lipa Net)
First, cognitive sensitization to the issue of prosociality was worked on, then prosocial quality communication was worked on in-depth, and finally, the steps to follow for the development of prosocial leadership within each organization were exposed.
This training will be complemented by 3 hours of training in each school separately between the months of February and March, where the speakers will travel to the participating educational centers to continue monitoring the topics covered.