Training in Romania

Alba County School Inspectorate organized a training activity for the development of professional skills regarding inclusive education. The initiative took place within the Erasmus+ project “ECO- IN – Algorithm for New Ecological Approaches to Inclusion”.
Around 50 Head schools, primary education teachers, secondary education teachers, psychologists/speech therapists/support teachers from school units-associated partners in the project, parents, and policymakers were invited to participate in this activity. The agenda of the training activity included sessions in which inclusive education from an ecological approach was addressed and examples of good practices as well as the psychological mechanisms underlying the
formation of prosocial behavior.

The participants worked in pairs at the very beginning and afterward, they worked in school groups. The sessions were interactive and engaged all participants.

At the end of the work, each school, in a maximum of 5 minutes, briefly presented wishes/proposals/aims of change, why and how they think to work, and implement them through an ecological approach aimed at improvement. Each representative from each school had done the presentation.