Training in experimental schools in Spain

After face-to-face training in Barcelona with representatives of all the experimental schools of the ECO-IN project in Spain, the training of the project has continued in each school in a personalized way.
Dr. Robert Roche and Dr. Mayka Cirera have traveled to each participating school to meet with the prosocial leaders of the project in each locality involved.
Representatives of the management teams, families, teachers, students and other stakeholders have designed the roadmap to continue advancing in inclusion within the educational center and also to extend it to the rest of the community.
Based on the theoretical and practical concepts presented in the ECO-IN project, each center has drawn up a plan to further pro-socialise its environment in favor of systemic inclusion.
The participating people have repeatedly expressed that this project is a call for a personal transformation of each one of the participants, working on the inclusion of diversity from oneself to the outside.