Towards a European Prosocial Trust Center

At the recent meeting in Barcelona where representatives of all the partners of the Eco-IN Project met, a whole day was dedicated to working on what should be the model and guide for the European Prosocial Trust Center (EPTC)
Through meetings by national or language groups, and thanks to the Participatory Prosocial Visualization method, a brain storming was carried out on the elements that this space of prosocial trust should have.
This image shows us the words that were proposed and that designated values, competencies, abilities, methods or circumstances. During the afternoon, each country presented its model and there was a discussion between the groups.
This was the agreed proposal to start experimenting in the pilot phase that is currently being carried out in each country.

The Prosocial Trust Center is an interdisciplinary space where participants try to establish positive human relationships through prosocial communication, setting aside their respective statuses and even roles to allow for the exchange of ideas, difficulties, questions, cases and decisions, in a more spontaneous horizontal and circular way.