Systemic inclusion: from school to territory

ECO-IN is moving forward to generate an inclusive culture and offer teachers and school stakeholders content, strategies to generate inclusive collaborative networks. The University of Perugia (Department of Philosophy, Social, Human and Education Sciences) will hold a Seminar of the European ECO-IN project on 12 APRIL 2023 from 4-6 pm, entitled: “Systemic inclusion: from school to territory”
On this occasion, Prof. Robert Roche (Autonomous University of Barcelona) will participate, speaking of “New prosocial tools for inclusion at school”
In the meantime Pilar Escotorin (Autonomous University of Barcelona) will talk about “Ten steps to make the school a center for the promotion of inclusion”.
This seminar is a collaboration between the University of Perugia and MIRADA LOCAL, the Spanish partner of the project.
Moderator will be Prof. Annalisa Morganti of the University of Perugia.