Strengthening of the Prosocial Trust Center in the European ECO-IN project in Catalonia

The prosocial message towards inclusion in education is advancing in its dissemination capacity in Catalonia. In the town of Lliçà de Vall, starting from a point 0 on a map of trust coordinates, it began with the complicity of a small group of people who are joined by others with the same desire for social transformation.
Gradually but firmly, the project has been expanding. Currently the group from Catalonia, Spain, ECO-IN is represented by members of the LIPA Network (Applied Prosocial Research Laboratory) and the association MIRADA LOCAL of Sant Cugat del Vallès, the government team of the Lliçà de Vall (Barcelona) city council , representatives of all political parties, primary and secondary schools in the municipality, the “Els Ninots” kindergarten, representatives of the health sector, the Micropobles de Catalunya association, various professional artists as well as students in the field of music, dance , poetry, theater and painting so far.

With the aim of continuing to advance in a free, equitable and fraternal inclusion, it has been seen the need to optimize the communication channels between the people involved, in preparation for the intervention phase of the project.

After several multidisciplinary meetings, the power of music as a backbone and harmonizer of human relationships has been reaffirmed. For this reason, the application of more music is being explicitly studied as an interesting way to improve communication and as a contribution to the method of the Prosocial Trust centers, to strengthen group cohesion, unity and the inclusion of all people from community.

The truth is that given the situation of Covid 19 and the increase in telematic communication, we are specifically trying to explore whether introducing brief music spaces in that communication could reduce the lack of presence and personal distance, especially affective, among the participants. .