Repertoire on School Inclusion

The Repertoire on School Inclusion for the ECO-IN project has just been published: the document collects information on how Inclusive Education is practiced across Europe, and specifically in Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Spain. 

In the first section, the Repertoire gives an overview on the state of the art of the policy and legislation regarding Inclusive Education in the European Union and in each partner country. The EU and national frameworks have been collected with an eye on the history and background of their development, pointing out which kind of terminology and categories are currently used, and which are the benchmarks and standards for inclusion in each country. 

The second section includes a description of how such policies are implemented in the school context in the EU in general, and specifically in Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Spain. The document takes into consideration three aspects concerning the practices of School Inclusion: theories underlying the practices of school inclusion and the paradigms that characterise inclusion; the role of psychologists in the scholastic context to foster Inclusive Education; cooperation and mutual support among teaching professionals. Finally, the Repertoire also gives a few examples of social inclusive practices and the academic researches and analysis conducted to analyse their relevance. Check it out in the Resources section.