Publication in Italian Language of the Volume “Index per le tecnologie socio – emotive (Approcci innovativi all’educazione inclusiva)

In the month of November 2020, Italian publishing company Mondadori has published the volume “Index per le tecnologie socio – emotive. Approcci innovativi all’educazione inclusive” written by di Annalisa Morganti, Stefano Pascoletti, Alessia Signorelli. The volume explores the potentials of technologies in fostering transversal competences that can help inclusion. In particular, the volume investigates the added value brought by technologies for what concerns social and emotional learning on different tiers.

The book brings together evidence – based studies and research on technologies and their relation to the different educational systems in Europe and beyond with the aim to defining still unexplored ways of connecting education and technology. At the same time, the book deals with the topic of guidelines for planning and designing new tools for inclusive education with an international scope. 

The volume is also available in English, published by Routledge (Abingdon, Oxon -UK).