Prosocial Trust Center Italy

The Prosocial Trust Center (PTC) is an interdisciplinary space where individuals come together to cultivate positive human relationships through prosocial communication. Here, traditional hierarchies and roles are set aside, allowing for an open exchange of ideas, challenges, questions, cases, and decisions in a spontaneous, horizontal, and circular manner. It’s a truly transformative process!

Last week, on June 6th, we took part in the grand opening of an amazing educational community dedicated to promoting and practicing inclusion, thanks to the groundbreaking ECO-IN project. It was an unforgettable experience that took place in Castel dell’Aquila, Umbria, Italy.

The event was guided by the exceptional school principal, the dedicated parents, the supportive mayor, the enthusiastic volunteers, and the passionate teachers who were all committed to fostering prosocial behaviors based on trust and a genuine desire to positively impact inclusion and celebrate uniqueness. And guess what? Italy’s very first European Prosocial Trust Center was established right here!