Piloting phase in Romania

The project ECO-IN Romania reached its piloting phase for testing the tool devised for assessing the quality of school inclusion at the European level in order to reach out to the target groups involved in the inclusive processes.

At this stage, Alba County School Inspectorate from Romania, involved 20 schools from Alba County during the month of February 2022.

Școala Gimnazială ”Vasile Goldiș” Alba Iulia
Școala Gimnazială ”Iuliu Maniu” Vințu de Jos
Școala Gimnazială ”Mihai Eminescu” Ighiu
Școala Gimnazială Ciugud
Școala Gimnazială Meteș
Școala Gimnazială ”Ovidiu Hulea” Aiud
Școala Gimnazială Livezile
Școala Gimnazială Lopadea Nouă
Școala Gimnazială ”Demetriu Radu” Rădești
Școala Gimnazială ”Ion Pop Reteganul” Sâncel
Colegiul Național „Titu Maiorescu” Aiud
Colegiul Național „Bethlen Gabor” Aiud
Liceul Tehnologic Aiud
Liceul Tehnologic Agricol ”Alexandru Borza” Ciumbrud
Colegiul Național ”I.M.Clain” Blaj
Liceul Tehnologic „Ștefan Manciulea” Blaj
Liceul Tehnologic Sebeș
Liceul Tehnologic „Alexandru Domșa” Alba Iulia
Liceul cu Program Sportiv Alba Iulia
Liceul „Horea, Cloșca și Crișan” Abrud

This assessment tool is to support schools in a process of inclusive school development, drawing on the views of staff, policy maker, school students, parents/carers and other community members. It is concerned with improving educational attainments through inclusive practice and thus provides an attempt to redress a balance in those schools which have concentrated on raising student attainment at the expense of the development of a supportive school community for staff and students. The process of working with the tool is itself designed to contribute to the inclusive development of schools. It encourages staff to share and build on their existing knowledge about what impedes learning and participation.

Alba County School Inspectorate-Romania, is concerned with minimising all barriers to learning and participation, whoever experiences them and wherever they are located within the cultures, policies and practices of a school.