Lliçà de Vall Municipaliy wants to apply ECO-IN model

In a meeting that the participants described as cordial and a very good start, on October 22, 2020, was the presentation of the European ECO-IN project by Dr. Mayka Cirera Amores, co-director of the international network LIPA NET (Laboratory of Applied Prosocial Research https://lipa-net.org/) and collaborator of MIRADA LOCAL. The meeting was held at the workplace of the mayor Marta Bertran Ramon, and in this first instance the opposition representative Javier Castillejo Fernández participated, who were interested in knowing the objectives of the project and the scope and benefits it could provide to the people of Lliça de Vall.

The ECO-IN project proposes a new and innovative training model to generate inclusive schools and communities. Through an ecological approach and based on scientific evidence, the project promotes the active participation of teachers, school principals, political leaders, students and families. It is led in Spain by LIPA NET and Mirada Local of Sant Cugat del Vallès; it is coordinated by the University of Perugia (Italy) and has a consortium formed by the University of Urbino (Italy); Forma-azione (Italy); Solidar Foundation (Belgium); the Lithuanian education union and School inspectorate Alba of the Romanian Ministry of Education.

ECO-IN could create a trust center for social inclusion in Lliça del Vallès and it would be the first center of its kind in Europe. The trust center is an articulated space with a replicable methodology that would strengthen the people’s networks and promote innovation in terms of inclusion by putting at the service of citizens (schools, institutes, family associations, students and decision makers) training spaces, conferences and free advice during the three years of the project.

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