First European Prosocial Trust Center in Romania

The first European Prosocial Trust Center in Romania was established at the Avram Iancu Lower Secondary School, located in  Alba Iulia.

The activities carried out each month under the umbrella of the project ECO-IN project implemented by Alba County School Inspectorate as partner, aimed primarily at informing policymakers, teachers, parents, students, and political representatives about what it means to be prosocial, inclusive education and prosocial behaviour.  

Free debate sessions followed in, where all the participants identified the system’s problems, especially in the school, and proposed solutions.

The problems brought up by the participants referred to the overcrowded classes and how difficult it is now to reduce the number of students in a class where children with SEN also learn.

Among the most frequent comments and observations, was the need for an experience exchange with teachers or schools that have succeeded in providing quality inclusive education; providing successful models, and looking for local partners to help the schools in this process. 

Other experimental schools involved in the local ECO-IN training were involved in the activities, promoting the concept of Prosocial Trust Center in their educational area.

For an effective, quality inclusive education, there is a need to increase the degree of participation. Inclusion implies change, being a process that can practically increase the level of learning and participation for all students to no end.

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