ECO-IN project partners have chosen to refer to role models represented not by individuals rather by bodies/organizations acting coherently with what is expected to realise with the Prosocial Trust Centres.

These project outcomes are indeed one of the most strategic and specifically demanding great commitment and renewed networking competences by the stakeholders involved, to be effective and produce long-terms impacts. Having the opportunity to learn from organizational models already implemented and well-functioning in different EU countries, this is useful for establishing fruitful cooperation to immediately put the Prosocial Trust centres in the situation, avoiding possible faults and delays.

As examples of role models ECO-IN partner are already considering:

– In Italy, Mce – Movimento di Cooperazione Educativa (Movement of Educational Cooperation) aprofessional association linked to the Federation internationale de l’Ecole Moderne, the movement that involves schools inspired by the activism and folk pedagogy.

– In Lithuania, Jaunimo karjeros centras (En. Youth Career & Advising Center (YC&AC) a non-profit NGO with a strong focus on educational programs, mainly working in cooperation with universities.

– In Belgium, Solidar will provide different advises among its network partners, being one of the mostqualified body in Europe in the field of social inclusions and education for all approach.