ECO-IN Transnational meeting and intensive Training in Barcelona

In the days from the 20th to 22nd of June, ECO-IN project will move to Barcelona (Spain) for the Transnational project meeting and for two intensive days of Transnational Training (21st and 22nd of June).

This event is quite important as it marks both the beginning of the experimentation phase and the first in – presence meeting since the Kick Off meeting in Perugia (December 2019) and the starting of the pandemic. The trip to Barcelona will also be an important occasion to bring together representatives from each of the main target groups and begin the pivotal phase of creating a solid networking amongst these key players for inclusion. The main topics of discussion in the meeting (which will see the participation of at least one representative from each ECO-IN research teams from the partner countries) will revolve around the next steps for the experimentation phase, the national training sessions that will be held in each partner country starting from September 2022 and how to consolidate the networking ties between the different target groups involved in view of the establishing of the European Trust Centers.

The intensive transnational training, which will be held on the days of the 21st and 22nd of July, will see the participation of 7 attendees representing the different target groups (teachers, school heads, families, educators, experts and policymakers) and two trainers from each partner country for a total of around 40 participants.

The transnational training will focus on building important and shared knowledge on the topics of human rights, prosociality, social emotional learning, inclusive practices, evidence – based approaches to inclusive education and how to become a mentor for fostering incluisive visions, attitudes and actions.