Eco-in synergies with other European projects

IN-EDUINclusive communities through Media literacy & Critical Thinking EDUcation – has been an Erasmus+ KA3 co-funded project run by 7 European partners based in Italy, Bulgaria, France, Croatia and Slovenia. It focused on developing and reinforcing #criticalthinking and #MIL – Media and Information Literacy competences, testing an innovative #non-formal approach with teachers and students of secondary level schools. A set of #Policy Recommendations were developed to promote the application of such IN-EDU Engagement Programme in other European contexts and in a systematic manner. 

Highlights from the Policy Recommendations:

  • Thinking outside the box for engaging #Students and Young People around the topics of critical thinking, citizenship and Media and Information Literacy;
  • Re-shaping the #Teachers’ & #Educators’ role inside the classroom as Agents of Change for empowering them in facilitating MIL education;
  • Promoting mutual learning between students and #Parents and families for engaging them in MIL;
  • Involving Public and Educational #Authorities for creating space for change at community level;
  • Including representatives and #CSOs – Civil Society Organizations from as many sectors and areas of activities as possible, to bring in the perspective of social causes in connection to Media & Information action;
  • Cooperating with local and national #Media for promoting MIL at systemic level in the realm of information.

Visit the project website to explore the training and teaching material, the IN-EDU Engagement Programme and all the relevant information concerning the development of the project activities: