ECO-IN synergies and holistic inclusion of refugee individuals and families

A new meeting with 10 representatives of the Secretariat for Equality, Migration and Citizenship and the association of micro towns of Catalonia was held on May 31 with Robert Roche as representative of the ECO-IN project.
The interest of this association is to evaluate the construction of synergies between the Prosocial Trust Center of the ECO-IN project and the current project to host refugee people or families.
Currently there are about 20 micro towns that are willing to host immigrants or refugees for two years in an integration program that requires a methodology based on social cohesion and accompanying processes.
Due to the change of government in Catalonia, we are waiting to know who will be the new representatives of the government of Catalonia for this area.
The government team is working together with the association of Micro Pueblos on the characteristics of the towns and the people and families that will be welcomed.
The objective of this process is to advance in a work plan that will be specified on June 14, the date that ECO-IN will attend and support in the review of the prosocial quality of inclusion.
The refugee inclusion project requires guidelines to include with prosocial quality people who reach all areas of the villages (schools, neighborhoods, work environments) and the ECO-IN project can offer quality guidelines for trust in construction der a holistic inclusion model.