ECO-IN Conference Barcelona: Systemic Inclusion

18/7/2023. In the conference entitled “Systemic inclusion: strategy and practice” the results of the ECO-IN project were presented. It took place in a modernist building in Barcelona called Casa Convalecencia. It was attended by representatives of the educational, social, and political fields.
In the first part, Dr. Robert Roche and Dr. Mayka Cirera explained how the ECO-IN project had developed, both nationally and internationally. They explained the training the schools had had, the research for the algorithm on systemic inclusion, and the creation of Prosocial Trust Centers. Professor Rosa Delgado contributed by explaining her experience as a teacher involved in the project from the beginning.
In the second part of the conference, Professor Oriol López, representing the Micropobles Association, explained the development of the Oportunitat500 project of the Government of Catalonia (the Generalitat de Catalunya) that they are implementing in synergy with the ECO-IN project. The testimony of families forming part of the project for the reception of refugees was emotional and explained what this reception in housing and work had meant for them there. At the end of the conference, all the participants had a space to exchange ideas and create new synergies to continue the projects.