ECO-IN also in Chile

On December 10, 2020, Pilar Escotorin from Eco-in Barcelona team (LIPA-MIRADA LOCAL) was interviewed by the Foundation “Ciclo Educativo” to present the Eco-In project in the context of international experiences of inclusion. The interview was followed via streaming on the radio of the University of ViƱa del Mar and will later be published on YouTube.
The topics addressed in the interview referred to the ECO IN model, its objectives and beneficiaries, its lines of work of intervention, and the work involving stakeholders.

Pilar Escotorin made a brief summary of the ecological approach that supports the model and an interesting dialogue was generated regarding how the ECO-IN team can guarantee the sustainability of the transformation process towards inclusive communities. Another aspect discussed was how to evaluate the impact of the model, the usefulness of the algorithm and European trust-centers.