Our literature review

An important aim has been finally achieved by the ECO-IN project. Our literature review on the evaluation of the inclusive systems and practices in the European schools has been completed. Our aim (output 3.2 called “Scientific review on evidence-based education in school inclusion”) was to identify studies on the assessment of inclusive process in the schools looking at all the actors involved in it, each for its specific competence, (directly and indirectly). A systematic and deep research through a huge amount of studies of which just nine met our eligibility criteria revealed that in Europe no terminology correspondence has been achieved in the field of research on disability and special educational needs. Despite lots of primary studies has been conducted during the last decade, a fewer presence of secondary studies (systematic review, meta-analysis etc.) persists in the literature. Most of the studies were conducted in north-European country and none of them examine the point of view of psychologists, families, policy makers and school heads. To know more about our study, please check out our website (link) and keep following ECO-IN project.