Conflict resolution from a positive perspective

The Trust Center in Lliçà de Vall (Spain) continues to advance in its creative and active work sessions to unite the town’s Educational Debate Space (EDE) and the Ecoin project. On March 9, Dr. Pilar Escotorín and Marc Brundelius led the TRUST CENTER to talk about conflict resolution from a positive perspective,
In a pleasant and relaxed space, the different ways of dealing with conflicts were discussed, depending on whether they are factual, relational, values and/or interests.
The topic arose from the interest in advancing towards an inclusive culture, with conflict management being one of the topics that generates interest in building inclusion in a sustainable manner in any territory.
Representatives of teachers from educational centers, representatives of parents’ organizations, technicians from the city council, representatives of different political parties, representatives of businesses and representatives of other community organizations participated in the session.
In a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, complex issues were discussed in relation to personal or professional conflicts that we can find on a daily basis, sharing strategies and resources for their resolution from a positive and resilient perspective.
The next session of the TRUST CENTER in Lliçà de Vall will be in the month of May.