Capoeira as a tool of social inclusion and educational innovation: A proposal for Physical Education at school

Social Inclusion is a goal, but also a culture. Social inclusion is an interdisciplinary objective in which it is necessary to incorporate music, art, sport among other dimensions of life. In the educational community there is interest in exploring capoeira and its benefits at school. For this we suggest reading this article (in Spanish).

This article is written as a result of the final project in the Masters of Motor Activity and Education at University of Barcelona. The aim of this work is to discuss the importance of capoeira as a pedagogical tool for social inclusion at school, specifically in the subject of Physical Education. Precedent bibliography has been reviewed to create a teaching unit for the professional practice of 100 hours at General Prim School in Barcelona. While planning the teaching unit, the goal was to focus in two specific subjects, the choice of the subjects was done taking into account the Physical Education Planning in Catalunya, the subjects chosen are creativity and physical expression. At the end of a deep analysis of the results registered in the time spent with the kids, I created a project of teaching innovation based on a methodological progression of capoeira.

Key words: capoeira, educational innovation, social inclusion, expression, creativity, physical education.

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