Do you know what is blended education? Blended learning, or blended education, sounds like an innovative methodology, but has in fact existed since the 1960s and includes an appropriate mixture of distance learning, classroom, and online learning. The task of the teacher in b-learning is to correctly redistribute the material through these channels, according to the individual needs of the learner.

The world is changing. Young people are becoming more active and mobile. They are also becoming more demanding and independent. They want to get quick results, but convenience, comfort and safety are also important to them. Blended learning provides all of this. Blended learning allows education to be flexible while, if properly applied, maintaining traditionally high quality.

Without a doubt, b-learning is the future. First, because this format is aimed at people who are not tied to one place, those who know how to work and communicate online, but at the same time appreciate personal relationships and offline meetings, as well as people who love travelling a lot.