Approaching school inclusion through music

It is an idea explored within the project “Dialoghi in Musica” (Dialogues in Music) where FORMA.Azione plays a supportive role, through a series of online events financed by Regione Umbria, Italy. The project revolves around the topics of Musical Education and school inclusion through MUSIC. The meetings, held by Filo Rosso di Maria Montessori Association, in collaboration with Umbria Jazz and Scuola Santa Croce, target the parents of children between the age of 3 and 11, as well as at early childhood and primary education professionals.

Here are some of the key topics approached during the events: 

🎵 the difference between hearing and listening;

🎵 the effects of music on the development of the child’s brain;

🎵 for an auditory ecology

🎵 the importance of musical education;

🎵 how music allows each child to express their personality, and how they relate to others through music;

🎵 the Montessori method for listening, observation and improvisation;

🎵 the use of voice in jazz music.

By bringing jazz music and its inclusive feature in the life of school, it allows children, parents and teachers to explore new ways of interaction and a stimulating approach towards holistic education.