An interesting product of the ECO-IN Project: the INFOPACK

We are advancing in the elaboration of the INFOPACK and in its testing.
The Infopack will be a guide for the European Transnational Training of the ECO IN project and also a useful document that provides relevant information on innovation in Educational Inclusion.

The Infopack will allow ECO-IN participants:

• To know the objectives of the training and also, to know the skills to be achieved by the so-called “Transnational Mentors”.

Will be a useful document to be consulted during training activities, both nationally and transnationally.

The INFOPACK will include study materials that come from the knowledge generated according to the research results achieved from the creation of the European Algorithm of the ECO IN Project:

• Recent Scientific Update;
• A glossary of terms that operationally define the desirable items for a Total Inclusion in the School, which will compile terms and linguistic nuances from all the countries where it has been experimented with.
• Documents resulting from the project work carried out up to now.

Our project is in the phase that we call ECO-IN AP, (ECO IN Assessment Protocol). In the various countries, a Training Course is being applied with specific programs applied and adapted for use at the national and transnational level. This Course will be followed and evaluated according to a model of experimental and control groups.