About Us


ECO-IN has the ability to produce a systemic impact on the different project countries by generating multiplier effects at local, regional and national level, involving more key players and stakeholders, obtaining further support from public authorities and producing awareness on the issue of inclusive education policies thanks to the visibility and diffusion of its results and achievement.

With reference to qualitative elements, the project is expected to lead to the following strategic impacts at systemic level:

Dynamic” algorithm

A validated “dynamic” algorithm for score’s allocation representing, together with the assessment tool, a sound and efficient European reference tool to evaluate and monitor the inclusive organization of schools closely linked to local communities support. The system, unique and innovative in the European landscape for its features.

Assessment Protocol

Development of Trust Network

Development of Trust Network, conceived as a network of mentors trained and empowered throughout the ECO-IN project implementation that continues promoting a renewed cooperation method among the relevant stakeholders.