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Approach, Methodology & Evaluation

Preparatory actions

The preparatory actions (both analytical than the ones related to practical arrangements) lie on the good practice Inclusive Process Assessment Scale (IPAS). Indicators will be tested first at regional level (Umbria, Marche, Alba Iulia, Catalunya and Vilniaus) and scaled up at national level.

Preparatory actions will employ the following methods:

Practical arrangements

Implementation and evaluation actions

Learning activities

Community actions

Implementation of European Prosocial Trust Centers intended as an interdisciplinary space where all participants will be trained and monitored to establish positive human relationships through prosocial communication, leaving aside statuses and roles to allow exchanges of ideas, difficulties, questions and cases on school inclusion processes, in a spontaneous, horizontal and circular way.


The ECO IN Assessment Protocol will be administered to selected schools thanks to the implemented algorithm and the ICT tools deployed in order to facilitate data collection and analysis. The evaluation phase aims at collecting statistical and self-assessment data in order to get an evidence-based data collection about the quality of inclusive practices and policies, implemented by the schools.

The Evidence-based inclusive education is the best practice that ECO IN project wants to scale up thanks to activities included in WP6. The evidence-based methods will let a better transferability of the project results enhancing the potentiality in terms of quality of education and tools to identify weaknesses to be enhanced.