14 thousand people registered for the International Meeting given by the ECO-IN for professionals from Latin America

A complete success!: 14,000 people registered for the International Meeting given by the ECO-IN Barcelona team for professionals from Latin America.

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On April 8, an international webinar was held to deliver Prosocial Tools for School Inclusion and reflect on this topic. The event, which was held in partnership with the NGO Mentor – Education for All, managed to convene thousands of professionals from all over Latin America through Facebook Live.
The instance was divided into three presentations by the ECO-IN Barcelona team, made up of experts: Mayka Cierra (Spain), instructing us with “Skills and tools for Inclusive Leadership”; Robert Roche (Spain), with “Systemic inclusion: from the school to the territory” and, finally, Pilar Escotorin, with “Ten steps to make the school a center of trust”.
Three thousand viewers participated in the streaming for 3 hours: teachers, psychologists, education experts interested in promoting inclusion in the territories, with Prosociality as a method and value to achieve it.
After the speakers disseminated knowledge and led the discussion, this meeting ended with an evaluation form that viewers had to complete to obtain a free certificate and accredit the learning obtained on this occasion.
If you couldn’t attend live, don’t worry! You can access the recording of this seminar by entering here: Facebook Live. Today we already have 29 thousand views!
We invite you to pay attention to our upcoming announcements to be part of this experience that allows us to bring inclusion to all spaces and train us as prosocial leaders.